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Welcome to Kneipp’s Active Park...

in East Styria-Gardens Austria

Thirteen communities in eastern Styria and an engaged European-wide team joined together with Kneipp Aktiv Park to form a one-of-a-kind Kneipp’s Active Park Mittleres Feistritztal.
Artistically designed surroundings invite all into a comfortable and playfull art of doing something for ones health and well-being. Kneipp Aktiv Park is in partnership with Kneippstadt and health Spa Woerishofen in Allgäu, Germany where Sebastian Kneipp in his lifetime became world renown for his “Kneipp Cures”. All of the grounds are easily reachable, family friendly and wonderfully tucked into the beautiful hilly landscape.
For sports people and the culturally interested of all ages there are many beautifully laid out pathways to bike, walk, run, wander amidst castles and fortresses, thermal baths with hot springs, “buschenschenken”, winery’s organic food stores, farmers markets, handcraft businesses, art galleries, herb and flower gardens, wine and fruit gardens, museums, and last but not least the magnificent churches, findings from roman times and regional and seasonal restaurants.
Graz, capital of Styria was selected by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site and was sole Culture Capital of Europe for 2003. Graz is approximately 50 km from Kneipp’s Active Park Mittleres Feistritztal.
Another highlight that becomes an experience are the guided tours with the artists Anne & Peter Knoll through Kneipp’s Active Park Mittleres Feistzritztal.
Half days or complete day tours information: 0043 (0) 3113 22 42

Additional homepage information:
Kneipp aktiv Park Mittleres Feistritztal
Apfelland apple-land
www.apfelstrasse.at    Apfelstraße – Styrian Apple Route
www.schlösserstrasse.at     Schlösserstraße castle road
www.oststeirische-roemerweinstrasse.at    Römerweinstraße Styrian wine route
www.oststeiermark.com Garten Österreichs Gardens Austria
Thermenland thermal springs

The Teachings

Father Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) developed his now globally known natural healing methods while working as a priest in Bad Wörishofen, Germany. The Kneipp system is borne by five pillars.
A Holistic Approach
Synergistic interplay of these five elements underlies the naturopathic methods known collectively as kneippism, which aim at preventing and curing ailments associated with modern civilization and its unhealthy ways of life


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